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Welcome to our Thermal Stripping Section!


Thermal stripping is an effective method for removing old coatings and preparing surfaces for a fresh finish. Our thermal stripping services offer:

  • Eco-Friendly: Thermal stripping is a chemical-free method, making it environmentally friendly and safe for various applications.

  • Complete Coating Removal: Efficiently remove multiple layers of coatings, including powder coating and paint, to start anew.

  • Surface Revitalization: Thermal stripping rejuvenates surfaces, ensuring a clean slate for the application of new coatings.

Experience the benefits of thermal stripping at Inland Powder Coating.

What is Thermal Stripping?

Thermal stripping, also known as heat stripping or paint stripping by heat, is a method used to remove coatings, such as paint or powder coating, from surfaces using controlled heat. This process involves exposing the coated object to elevated temperatures, causing the coating to soften, blister, and ultimately be removed.

How Does Thermal Stripping Work?


  • PreparationThe object to be stripped is prepared by ensuring it is free of any loose debris or contaminants.

  • Heating: The coated object is subjected to controlled heat, typically through the use of ovens, infrared heaters, or heat guns.

  • Softening of Coating: The heat causes the coating to soften, expand, and blister, breaking the bond between the coating and the substrate.

  • Removal: Once the coating has blistered or softened sufficiently, it can be mechanically removed using tools like scrapers or brushes. In some cases, the coating may peel away on its own.

  • Cooling: The stripped object is allowed to cool, completing the thermal stripping process.

Benefits of Thermal Stripping:


  • Environmentally Friendly: Thermal stripping is often considered more environmentally friendly than chemical stripping methods, as it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals.

  • Efficient Coating Removal: Effectively removes multiple layers of coatings, including paint and powder coating.

  • No Chemical Residue: Leaves no chemical residue on the stripped object, reducing the need for additional cleaning.

Thermal stripping is a versatile method for efficiently removing coatings from various surfaces, offering benefits in terms of environmental impact and efficiency. When applied correctly, it can be a highly effective and environmentally conscious choice for coating removal in different industries and applications.

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