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Explore our Masking Services at Inland Powder Coating!


Masking is a crucial step in the coating process that ensures precision and protects specific areas from coatings. Our masking services offer:

  • Precision Coating: Masking enables us to coat specific areas while preserving others, ensuring accuracy in the coating process.

  • Complex Designs: We specialize in masking for intricate designs and detailed surfaces, allowing for customized and precise finishes.

  • Efficiency: Masking streamlines the coating process, saving time and resources by targeting only the intended areas.

Experience precision and efficiency with our professional masking services.

What is Masking?

Masking involves covering or protecting certain areas of an object that are not intended to be treated, coated, or painted. It uses materials or techniques to shield designated regions, ensuring precision and control during surface finishing processes.

How Does Masking Work?


  • Material SelectionChoose appropriate masking materials based on the specific requirements of the application. Common masking materials include tapes, films, papers, and specialty masking products.

  • ApplicationApply the masking material to the areas that need protection. Ensure a tight seal to prevent any coating, paint, or treatment from reaching the masked surfaces.

  • Surface PreparationPrepare the object for the finishing process by cleaning and ensuring that the masking material adheres properly.

  • Coating or TreatmentProceed with the desired coating, painting, or treatment process on the exposed areas, leaving the masked sections untouched.

  • Mask RemovalAfter the finishing process is complete, carefully remove the masking material to reveal the protected areas.

Types of Masking Materials:

  • Tapes: Masking tapes are versatile and come in various types, including painter's tape, high-temperature tape, and specialty tapes designed for specific applications.

  • Specialty Masking Products: Certain applications may require specialty masking products, such as silicone plugs, caps, or custom-designed masks for intricate patterns.

Masking is a versatile technique essential for achieving precision and protecting specific areas during various finishing processes. Proper selection and application of masking materials contribute to the overall success and quality of the finished product.

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